This device is used for load management and allows to switch on/off up to 8 outlets remotely. It is also possible to be controlled via SMS.

Electrical Characteristics PDU
Power supply 110 -240VA
50-60 Hz
Max current per port 10A
Total max current 20A
Power consumption: 3W - 15W
Max. load  per port 2Kw
Operate time 20ms
Release time 10ms
Min insulation resistance 100MΩ
Max Contact resistance 100mΩ
Operation temperature -30 ~ +80
Interface & Protocol support
User Interface: Any web browser
LAN: Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
Network protocols: DHCP, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP, ICMP
Software: Built-in software for events-processing.
Alert types: SNMP, SMS (GSM modem is ordered separately)
LEDs: LAN status, Device status, relays status
EEPROM: restore relay status, current limit and  temperature limit at power on
Built-in Temperature Sensor: programmable relay force status at over temperature condition
Metering of  Total current
Metering of  current per port