Smart ID card (Consultancy)

Identification cards with an electronic chip embedded or a magnetic stripe called “smart card” or “ICC”. Depending on your organization needs, there’re many security features to validate a real card from a spurious one. JOOBEEN technical consulting team has studied in the security fields of ID cards; Hologram, barcode, OVI, Guilloche patterns, microprint, CLI/MLI, RFID, microchip, magnetic stripe, laser printing, embossing printing and etc.
JOOBEEN also can offer consulting services for retransfer secure card printers.



Smart ID Card



Retail POS Scale (Consultancy)

This project was a RFT Design and Bid Evaluation.

Setting same price for identical products like fruit and vegetable market in Iran, We try seeking an Enterprise retail Point-Of-Scales as a solution.

Ethernet Networking Features included in this system; It would be able to be set by the specific trade union in order to prevent price discrimination in retail stores. Statics of consumption is another available feature to have an optimized management in retail stores.

Signage LCD of this scales can play different information to customers during standby mode.



TP-30 Networked retail POS scale

Biometrics Technology (Consultancy)

Using individual traits of humans, Biometrics is a science to recognize people. Set of algorithms to problems with biological component like face, fingerprint, Iris, Voice and etc.
We suggest our customers a unique system that offers enterprise software to enhance the security of your organization. A back-end server of this framework provides more efficiency and safety to the authority of authentication matching.

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Automatic Vehicle Location (Consultancy)

AVL devices installed in courier service of Tehran Municipality ICT Organization

Teltonika devices show the online location of couriers